Again Indonesia Police Come in Secretariat of KNPB Sentani

Sentani knpbNews: today 06 of March 2016 at 6:30 Am, Indonesian police Sentani town came to the secretariat of West Papua National Committee knpb, in Sentani regency, lead by head of the police AKBP. SINDONG. B. D.SIAGIAN. S.IK. using a car avanza and a truck belong to the police, all of them are 10 police members, after arriving in the secretariat of West Papua National Committee.

While all knpb members are preparing them self to go to church.Head of the police directly asked to the knpb members that, we have got report by intelligent that; you are doing an activities here, is that true? And then spokesperson of West Papua national Committee in Sentani regency said that; no we do not have any activities here, and also today is Sunday so we want to go to devotion and now we are breakfast and preparing our self to go to the church, after got an explanation by spokesperson of West Papua National Committee, they go back.

All West Papuan people are the same situation facing today, we are not free in our own land, every activity which do by West Papuan people are controlling by Indonesia Army, police and intelligent, we need International community please hear and support West Papuan are crying for free west Papua.

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