Manifesto from First Papuan Peoples Congress – 19th October 1961

MANIFESTO (October 19th, 1961)

We the undersigned, residents of the western part of Papua, representing variuos groups, tribes and religious denominations, knowing that we are united as a people and a nation, DO HEREBY DECLARE to all our fellow countryman that we,

I. in pursuance of Article 73 a and b of the Charter of the United Nations;

II. on the strenght of the declaration of principle regarding the independence of non-self-gvoerning territories and peoples, as laid down in the resolution No. 1514 (XV) adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations at its Fiftheenth Meeting from September 20 to December 20 1960;

III. by virtue of the inviolable right we, inhabitants of the western part of Papua, have to our native country;

IV. in accordance with the ardent desire and the yearning of our people for our own independence,

through the National Committee and our parliament, the New Guinea Council, insist with the Government of Netherlands New Guinea and the Netherlands Government that as of November 1, 1961,

a. our flag be hoisted beside the Netherlands flag;
b. our national anthem (”Hai Tanahku Papua”) be sung and played in addition to the Netherlands national anthem;
c. our country bear the name of Papua Barat (West Papua), and
d. our people be called: the Papuan people.

In view of the foregoing, we, Papuans, demand our own position, equal to that of the free nations and in the ranks of these nations we, Papuans, wish to live in peace and to contribute to the maintenance of world peace.

Through this manifesto we summon all inhabitants who love this country and its people to rally round this manifesto and to uphold it, as it is the sole basis for the freedom fo the Papuan people.

Hollandia [Jayapura now], October 19th, 1961.

W. Inury
D. Sarwom
F. Poana
A. Onim
F.J.S. Rumainum
E. Itaar
M. Suwae
J.J. Roembiak
M. Onggé
P.H. Jochu
Iz. Menufandu
M. Wai
N. JOuwe
H. Mori Muzendi
P. Koejab
W. Zonggonao
F. Jufuway
A.J.A. Rumtoboy
E. Noembery
J.S. Dekeniap
S.L. Rumadas
T.S. Akwan
M.W. Kaisiëpo
B. Gebze
J.E. Bonay
N. Tanggahma
H.I. Bauw
W. Giay
O. Nemnay
A. Sefa
J. Manory
L. Ajamiseba
M. Rumainum

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