The proclamation of West Papua

The proclamation of West Papua

History Papua: Contents Proclamation of July 1, 1971

Once the territory of West Papua unilaterally inserted through the manipulation of the Popular Consultation by Indonesia in 1969, the area was occupied like a colony. Indonesia began to tighten the region to turn off the West Papuan independence movement waged by the Free Papua Movement (OPM) through diplomacy and guerrilla struggle.
On July 1, 1971 somewhere in the village of Waris, Jayapura district, near the border of Papua New Guinea, dubbed (Headquarters) Victoria, which was later dubbed in the vocabulary of the people of West Papua as “Markas” “carried out the Proclamation of Independence of West Papua. The proclamation is triggered by Seth Jafet Rumkorem as President of West Papua, and accompanied by Jakob Prai as Chairman of the Senate (House of Representatives), Dorinus Maury as Health Minister, Philemon Tablamilena Jarisetou Jufuway as Chief of Staff of the National Liberation Army (TEPENAL), and Louis Wajoi as Commander (Commander ) TEPENAL Republic of West Papua.

Text content Proclamation July 1st, 1971 are:


To all the people of Papua, from Numbai to Merauke, from Sorong to Balim (Star Mountains) and from Biak to Adi Island.
With the help and blessing of God, we take this opportunity to announce to you all that on this day, July 1, 1971, land and people of Papua has been proclaimed to be free and independent (de facto and de jure).
May God be with us, and may the world be advised, that the true will of the people of Papua to be free and independent in their own homeland has been met.

Victoria, July 1, 1971
On behalf of the people and the government of West Papua,

Seth Jafet Rumkorem

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