Buchtar Tabuni Chairman of PNWP Thanks to KNPB and the People of West Papua

Chairman of PNWP

Buchtar Tabuni Chairman of PNWP

WEST PAPUA NATIONAL PARLIAMENT (PNWP) Jayapura 22 of June 2016 pres Release Behold of West Papua National Parliament as political representative of West Papua which is decelerator formatted of United Liberation Movement for West Papua which is call (ULMWP) in this opportunity;

1. Convey my sincerely thanks to West Papua National Committee (KNPB) which has organization of movement which has been mediating West Papua people to carry out peaceful demonstrations to push right to self determination for the people of West Papua, cause as this right has not been implemented in a fair and dignity.

2. Delivering thanks profusely to West Papua people, who have been united in the line of West Papua National Committee (KNPB) carrying out peacefully demonstrations to fight for the right to self-determination.

3. Calling to West Papua people to hold together with KNPB to continue to rise in a peaceful demonstration all over West Papua from Sorong to Merauke, from highland to the coastal, all the people must be united in a Agenda” right to self determination” for the people of West Papua trough International standard its call Referendum.

Bucthar Tabuni


Chairman of PNWP and decelerator ULMWP

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