Three KNPB Members Has Been In Abepura Prison, Now Has Free


KNPB Members has been in Abepura Prison

Central-KNPBNews; The West Papua National Committee, three members of the knpb has been in the prison, their name are Alberth Yikwa and Yufri Kogoya are the central knpb members and Royes Lod Wenda is the member of knpb Lani Jaya regency, they had been in the prison since 28th of January 2015 and today 18th of March 2016, at 05:15 pm has free from the small prison to the big prison.Crew PNWP news has been interview with them, in the conversation with three members of the West Papua National Committee (knpb) Alberth Yikwa said, we have been in the prison, cause of we speak up Free West Papua, and now rejoined back with the others members of knpb, we will never give up, even thought Indonesia Army and police made us like animals, killing, intimidation, rape, and violation but we keep on our struggle Free West Papua.

Royes Lod Wenda added that; we as an activist of the West Papua National Committee, optimize, we will never give up to the Indonesia colonial rule, because arrested put us in the prison, shoot by the police, and DPO are consequent or as risk of an activist or freedom fighter which we must face it. The main point is we will not be silent, when we stayed in the prison; we study more how we can liberate our country West Papua.

Yufri Kogoya said; three of us has been in Abepura prison for a year, we would like to thanks to all friends, especially our friends West Papua National Committee from Sorong to Merauke for been praying for us, and also all over West Papuan People for those who are always pray for freedom fighter, living in the prison, in the forest and living in exile and now we rejoined back to fight again liberate our country of West Papua.

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