Westminster Declaration for an Internationally Supervised Vote for Independence

On 3rd May 2016, Government representatives from around the world met in Westminster to declare their support for an internationally supervised vote on self-determination for the people of West Papua. If you are an elected Government representative please add your name to support the declaration Westminster Declaration for an Internationally Supervised Vote in West Papua


Port Numbay, 14 Mey 2016 THANKSGIVING AND APPRETIATION Refer to official report that we have received from the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) about outcome of meeting of the International Parlementarian for West Papua (IPWP) on 3rd May, 2016, and so on this occation, West Papua National Parliament (Niew Guinea Raad) on behalf

Chair of West Papua National Parliament, Buchtar Tabuni Appeal to you all

3rd of Mey 2016

Founder of Free West Papua Campaign, Spokenperson ULMWP, Mr. Benny Wenda and Founder Of KNPB, Chair of PNWP, Counsil Committee ULMWP, Mr. Buchtar Tabuni

West Papua National Parliament calls to all States around the world, international community and solidarity groups in Africa, Caribbean, America, the European Union, Asia, and  to the people and government in the Pacific region to support the rights to self – determination for West Papua and push to United Nations on International Parliamentarian for West Papua’s calls for an internationally supervised vote in West Papua,  dated on 3rd May 2016, Westminster, House of Lords, British Parliament.

The Westminster declaration as follows:

  1. Declare that continued human rights violations in West Papua are unacceptable.
  2. Warn that without international action the West Papuan people risk extinction
  3. Reiterate the right of the people of people to genuine self – determination
  4. Declare the 1969 ‘Act of Free Choice’ to be a cross violations of this principle
  5. Call for an internationally supervised vote on self – determination in accordance with UN General Assembly Resolutions 1514 and 1541 (XV).

Linus Hiluka Never Give up, to Speak About Free West Papua

linus HilukaLinus Hiluka eks political prisoner in his face book said that; together with my friend Kimanus Wenda for 12 years spent our life in Abepura prison because of we speak up, free West Papua, now we are free, and we will never stop to get our dream, it is right to self determination in our own land, for the new generation of the people of West Papua.

Again Indonesia Police Come in Secretariat of KNPB Sentani

Sentani knpbNews: today 06 of March 2016 at 6:30 Am, Indonesian police Sentani town came to the secretariat of West Papua National Committee knpb, in Sentani regency, lead by head of the police AKBP. SINDONG. B. D.SIAGIAN. S.IK. using a car avanza and a truck belong to the police, all of them are 10 police members, after arriving in the secretariat of West Papua National Committee.

Parliament of Merauke Positive Respond, Mr. Beni Wenda to Ghana

943975_1574937916164093_9072715751295525549_nChair of Parliament Merauke Regency Mrs.Panggresia Yeem

Chair of Parliament in Merauke Regency Mrs. Panggrasia Yeem, positive respond on visited coordinator diplomats of OPM and also as spokesperson of ULMWP to asked supported to the government and the people of Ghana, to support right to self determination for the people of West Papua.