Parliament of Merauke Positive Respond, Mr. Beni Wenda to Ghana

943975_1574937916164093_9072715751295525549_nChair of Parliament Merauke Regency Mrs.Panggresia Yeem

Chair of Parliament in Merauke Regency Mrs. Panggrasia Yeem, positive respond on visited coordinator diplomats of OPM and also as spokesperson of ULMWP to asked supported to the government and the people of Ghana, to support right to self determination for the people of West Papua.Mrs. Panggresia is as chair of parliament in Merauke regency, also asked to the Government of Ghana, please support for the people of West Papua, so that West Papua people, can get self determination as a nation of state, same as others nation in this earth, and also we want to be free same as Ghana state, we want to organize self government, we don’t want to stay with Indonesia anymore, so long we suffer our own land in West Papua.
This is time West Papua people get out from suffering, slavery, killing, intimidation and injustice by Indonesia military.
That is why Parliament as political representative of the people of Merauke regency, asked to the government and the people of Ghana please support us in the right to self determination.



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