The Expedition Doing by Indonesia Government in West Papua is Militaristic Empowering


Chair Vice Person of Kaimana Parliament Region Karel Megy

KAIMAN Parliament News- the second of Ferbuary 2016, in this year, West Papua province has become expedition targeted by the government of Indonesia, expedition which will be go on in West Papua province there are Tambrau regency, Sorong regency, south Sorong regency, south Manokwari regency, Bintuni regency, Wondama regency, Fak-Fak regency and Kaimana regency. This expedition there were several component namely academic, TNI and Police, they made planed during four mounts, there were many activities comprise include exploration, research, service of state, this press realist from  this expedition Indonesian Army more empower. The chair vice person of the parliament region of Kaimana. Karel Megy said that; what was the main purpose of  this expedition which is doing by Indonesia government, however as nation of   West Papua is now temporary in the process of politic, right to self determination.

The activities like this,we need to understand well, we could not let them do the activities as usually but we must understand because this expedition doing by Indonesia Military and Police, West Papua political situation right now is public discussion in national and International scale that why we need to anxious.

The chair vice person of the region Parliament of Kaimana regency added that; East Timor was became an example of West Papuan people, because Indonesia government success empower Atambua which is one island with East Timor, at the time East Timor speak up right to self determination. West Papua is not different with East Timor. As we can see that; expedition is doing by Indonesia government this is one of the way to militaristic empowering, in the region of Papua to hold out by Indonesia government.

As a responsibility of  Political statute of West Papua, i am as member of region parliament of Kaimana, region would like to remind to all the region parliament members and national parliament of West Papua, press to our diplomat in order that; look at the situation all over West Papua, so that secure national interest, when act of right to self determination

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