The Fact Finding Mission to Manokwari (18-3) is not true

The Fact Finding Mission to Manokwari (18-3) is not true

Sekjen KNPB Manokwari Melkias Beanal

Sekjen KNPB Manokwari
Melkias Beanal

The general Secretary of West Papua National Committee in Manokwakri regency receive the issue of the fact finding mission will come at 18th of March 2016, so the people of Manokwari regency ready to receive them in Rendani Manokwari Airport, Melkias Beanal said that; that issue is not true, this issue is provocation by other side to nervousness people of Manokwari.Beanal said; West Papua National Committee as a national media we do not know for sure about the information and we never enounced to the people of Manokwari like that, but we confuse, why the people really enthusiasm which is the coming of fact finding mission at 18th of March 2016. The fact finding mission want to come to Papua is a forum decision of MSG and PIF but the government of Indonesia did not permission yet, the fact finding mission come to Papua, this issue is from a person which is self interest and a person who provocation people in Manokwari.

The secretary of West Papua National Committee, knpb Manokwari said that; the people of West Papua in Manokwari regency do not believe this information, because this information is not true, Melkias Beanal added; if fact finding mission would like to come to Papua, of course ULMWP give information to West Papua National Committee so that we can prepared to pick up the fact finding mission but there is no information to us. And this information is only Manokwari not all over West Papua.

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